Fox online video broadcasting review

November 24, 2011

Fox broadcast the popular TV show, House. The full episode last 30 minutes, and the show online is broadcasted with 1 minute and half of ads, in seven segments, which it makes more than 10 minutes of ads for a show that last 30 minutes. It is too much ads time in comparison to abc ads time. For example, Dancing with the Stars Online goes with 3 minutes of ads for the entire show. Also, Fox runs almost the same ads in each segment, which makes watching the same ads boring. Even though if you compare the show with conventional TV broadcast it is still less than the 30 minutes of commercial ads that you receive when you watch this show in your cable broadcast TV.

fox broadcast TV online

fox broadcast TV online

The quality of the video is OK. The show image was a little bit dark. You can notice the contrast when the ads video run, the ads are light and the show image is dark. Fox should improve this by lighting the image of the shows.

Fox uses Flash Video player like other networks and they have a great inventory of full episodes to watch online. House has 4 full episodes to watch from the most recent season.

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