abc Player review

November 15, 2011

abc Player is one of the best video players in the internet broadcasting industry. It start with one commercial, after that the show starts immediately. The resolution adjust automatically depending of you bandwidth. I got high definition, amazing resolution.

ABC Player

It has also closed caption, which can be activated as you can see in the image. You can watch the show in full screen mode.

There is a 30 seconds commercial in each segment. Dancing with the starts has six segment with six 30 seconds commercial each, it makes a total of 3 minutes of commercials for the entire show. Of course you cannot skip commercials. Compare this with the half hour commercial you get when you watch the show in cable TV.

A drawback, my pause and play buttons in my keyboard do not work with the abc player, so you have to use the mouse pointer to pause and play the show.

ABC is leading the technology of video players among TV shows broadcasters.

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