The best Internet TV Box in the Market

September 10, 2011

Are you searching for the best Internet TV Box in the market? Are you looking for the holy grail of the TV boxes? There are several TV boxes in the market: Apple TV,  Google TV,  Roku,  Boxee, PlayStation, Wii, Xbox 360, Seagate, Sony, WD TV,  Seagate HD Media Player, Sony Dash Personal Internet Viewer, Sony Network Media Player, WD TV Live Plus HD Media Player, Tivo, etc. Which of these devices is the best to watch shows and videos online in my HDTV? All these Internet TV boxes have limitations. Some TV boxes cannot play ABC shows, others cannot play Flash videos, others cannot play ITunes, others cannot play Amazon TV, etc. Some boxes and TVs have limitations in hardware, other boxes have limitations in their software.

The best Internet TV Box should not have restrictions of software, nor hardware to be able to watch TV shows online. This device should be able to play any online TV shows in the internet. You should be able to play shows and videos from ources like Hulu, YouTube, Nexflix, ABC, Fox, MTV, Apple ITunes, etc. You also should be able to browse the internet using your favorite browser. It should support Flash, Silverlight and other video formats and video players.

The best TV box in the market is the PC, your personal computer. A PC with a HDMI port is enough to play anything you want in your Television. This can be any small PC with HDMI port to connect to your TV. The Zino HD Home Theater PC or the MacMini have HDMI ports, ready to connect to your HDTV. Both computers have high definition video capabilities. These computer are small enough to fit under your TV furniture. You can complement the computer with a wireless keyboard like Lenovo Multimedia Remote with Keyboard for PCs and for the wireless Apple keyword for the MacMini. Where can you go to wath online shows? Just go to your favorite browser and go to, where you can find access to all TV shows online for free.

If you want to buy another TV box for your entertainment system, compare this first to a computer. It will be more expensive of course, but long term will be more affordable, since you will not have to change to another box, and it will save your time trying to go around all these restrictions and limitations.

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